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July 9, 2021/ 19 views

Hong Kong protester shot and man set on fire as violence erupts

Hong Kong protester shot and man set on fire as violence erupts

Anger grows over student’s death as city enters 23rd week of unrest

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HONG KONG — Violence spread across Hong Kong on Monday, as scenes resembling urban warfare gripped the town in the beginning of its 23rd week of political unrest.

A police officer shot one demonstrator during the morning rush-hour, authorities said a man set on fire was in critical condition, and university campuses closed amid clashes between police and protesters as events quickly unfolded throughout the day.

A graphic video circulating online on Monday did actually show a guy being doused with a few kind of fluid being set on fire. While information on the event were ambiguous, the chilling scene brought condemnation that is widespread social media.

The authorities division stated it received a report at 12 53 p.m. that a man was set and attacked aflame on a f tbridge in the satellite town of Ma On Shan. A Hospital Authority spokesperson later confirmed that the man was in critical condition.

Another movie revealed a demonstrator that is black-clad shot at close range by the officer in a road confrontation. A Hospital Authority spokesperson stated the 21-year-old guy was wounded with a real time round of ammo, and police said that the man was not dealing with mortal risk following surgery.

The sh ting marked the 3rd time a protester have been struck with a live round within a conflict with the authorities. Read more