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July 4, 2021
  • By admin

How exactly to remove VPN from iPhone or iPad – 2 options that are simple

This quick tutorial helps you quickly eliminate a VPN app or VPN profile from your own iPhone or iPad. It also explains what a VPN profile is, just how to see the VPN configuration files installed on your own iOS products, and what to do for those who have deleted a VPN file by accident.

Just how to remove VPN from iPhone [Summary]

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  • Choice 1 Delete the VPN app or apps you have set up ( more details here).
  • Option 2 eliminate the VPN configuration file(s) produced by you or by VPN software ( settings >VPN > profile name >Delete VPN VPN).

As your goal would be to delete a VPN from your own iPhone or iPad, I guess that you already master the installation of a VPN on your iOS unit. Nonetheless, the repetition could be the mother of learning, as TomBat informs all infant bats from his colony. The following is why I recommend you read How to use a VPN on iOS – The Transylvanian explanation.

Everything You’ll Discover

How does a VPN run on your iOS unit

When setting up a VPN on your own iOS unit, you have two options put in a VPN software from App Store or manually put up a VPN connection in your iPad or iPhone.

Both actions cause producing, on your own device, a VPN configuration file or VPN profile, a set of guidelines or settings that allow iOS in order to connect up to a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

This kind of defines that are VPN profile

  • the VPN server to get in touch to;
  • the VPN protocol used for connecting the VPN customer towards the VPN server;
  • the authentication qualifications or the security certification.

When you h k up to a VPN network, all of your Internet traffic will be directed through third-party VPN servers. That is fairly a big deal (even bigger than being element of a chocolate traffic community) as your online task can be checked. Thus, to stop malicious VPN installation, each time an application creates a VPN configuration profile, iOS asks for your approval.

How exactly to begin to see the VPN profiles installed on your own Apple device

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While trying to find top VPNs for iOS, you have got probably have a l k at several VPN solutions, set up a few apps, or attempted configurations that are several.

All VPN profiles installed for a certain iOS unit are noticeable in the VPN section (Settings > VPN). You shall notice two types of pages VPN Configurations and Personal VPN.

The VPN profiles visible in the Personal VPN area make use of the iOS integral VPN tunneling protocol implementations (IPSec, IKEv2, PPTP – for iOS 9 or below, not available for greater iOS versions). The VPN config files listed in VPN Configurations provide customized VPN tunnel implementation (e.g., OpenVPN). For lots more details, i would suggest l king over this article.

All VPN profiles being currently installed on your products can be seen on Settings > VPN.

How exactly to remove VPN from iPhone or iPad

Option 1 Uninstall the VPN app

A lot of the VPN providers provide use of their solutions by setting up VPN apps in your iOS devices.

In cases like this, the simplest means to fully remove your VPN through the iPad or iPhone would be to uninstall the application form

  1. Find the VPN app.
  2. Tap and hold on the software icon and s n you see the small “x” within the top-left part.
  3. Tap on the tiny “x” sign.
  4. Next, touch Delete in the caution popup with all the message Deleting this application will also delete its data.
  5. Done. The VPN software ended up being eliminated, along with all of the VPN configuration files created by the app.
  6. Repeat actions 1-4 for just about any VPN application you want to delete.

This process additionally works for third-party VPN client apps, just like the OpenVPN software or the WireGuard iOS app.

Choice 2 Delete the VPN profile

As explained here, a VPN profile can also manually be created by ch sing the VPN type (IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP) and typing within the verification credentials.

In this full case, to get rid of the VPN through the iPhone or iPad, you will need to alter the VPN settings

  1. From the Home display screen, go directly to the Settings software.
  2. Tap VPN.
  3. Find the VPN setup you want to delete.
  4. Tap Delete.
  5. Done. The VPN profile ended up being removed.
  6. Perform actions 3 & 4 for any other VPN config files.

Imagine if we removed the wrong VPN profile?

Did a VPN is removed by you config file by mistake?

In case you have created it manually, you’ll want to work it once more. There isn’t any real option to undo the procedure.

If a VPN app installed the VPN profile, open the software, and attempt to link. The VPN app will probably start the initial setup and produce all the VPN pages it needs to work properly.

Delete VPN vs. turn off VPN on your own iPhone

Turning off your VPN just isn’t the same task as deleting it. When you turn off your VPN, the text in the middle of your device and the VPN server is disabled, along with your Internet traffic is unencrypted.

To make off a VPN you have got two choices

  1. When you yourself have turned ON the VPN from a VPN software, open the app and tap the Disconnect/Stop/Turn Off switch.
  2. When you have manually fired up the VPN, open the Settings app, tap VPN switch off the VPN close to VPN designs or private VPN choices.

You could switch on and off the VPN connection if you think you’ll need some security that is online privacy (age.g., whilst travelling and having attached to a public WiFi in a airport).

By deleting the VPN, the settings are taken from your device, and you will have to set up the VPN again if you want to link.


You have learned just how to eliminate VPN from an iPhone or iPad. It’s a simple procedure that involves either deleting the VPN application or deleting a VPN profile through the iOS settings.

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