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June 25, 2021
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Welcome to Lucas Lag ns, the Authority on Personalized P ls and Landscaping Inspired by Paradise!

Ready For A Personalized P l?

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Come Find Lucas Lag ns to your Paradise!

A cult favorite TV show in its 4th season, and a talented team of designers who possess over 100 years of combined experience, Lucas Lag ns has truly cemented itself as the premier choice for custom, jaw-dropping waterscapes, and landscaping with a resume boasting over 50 design awards.

All of it started when founder, Lucas Congdon, relocated to Florida in 1999 and started using their love of outside design to the next level. After winning the prestigious Gold Award in residential p l restorations in 2003, it only made feeling for Congdon to solidify his talents behind a company that is reputable. Thus, Lucas Lag ns came to be shortly after.

Having worked tirelessly from the time to assemble the team that is perfect of installers and p l designers, Congdon spent some time working on countless projects (both residential and commercial) that have led to his work of gaining a following not merely in america, but all over the globe!

In fact, his work is so beloved and celebrated that it also inspired a tv program, Insane P ls from the Deep End, that allows viewers to adhere to along as Congdon, and his team that is talented transform backyards and landscapes into exotic, nature-inspired havens that leave home owners totally speechless! To understand why Lucas Lag ns could be the custom that is go-to builder of choice for numerous, please feel free to savor a bout of Insane P ls or see the P l Portfolio.

Much more than just another p l that is swimming, Lucas Lag ns takes immense pride in increasing the bar for exceptional luxury swimming p ls, grottos, waterfalls, lag ns, outside kitchen areas, bars, and more…one customized design at the same time.

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A lot more than simply another p l that is swimming, Lucas Lag ns takes enormous pride in raising the club for exceptional luxury swimming p ls, grottos, waterfalls, lag ns, outside kitchens, pubs, and more…one custom design at a time. In case your ultimate vision for the outd r space includes nothing short of perfection, contact Lucas Lag ns today and learn more about how to make your tropical fantasy an exotic reality!

Insane P ls Off The Deep End Projects

Follow award-winning p l designer Lucas Congdon on Season 3 of Insane P ls Off The Deep End as he turns regular homes into exotic waterfront properties through grand, nature-inspired designs.

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“We desired to tell you just how happy we’re with our new lag n. But just as essential as the outcome that is final we thought it was important to tell you how impressed we now have been with the whole connection with building the lag n.”

“Phenomenal escort girls in Seattle is certainly one of several terms we’d use to explain the result that is final of dream switched reality by Lucas. Their vision that is unique was in short supply of dazzling and surpassed our objectives. He’s an artist that is true their palette had been our backyard. His construction is high quality and technology is advanced. Both in-state and out-of-state, Lucas was the ONLY one who actually knew how to PROPERLY construct our dream after interviewing more than a dozen companies and visiting their job sites. And Lucas and their team had been really easy to work with and accommodating to your requirements. I’ve a suspicion that is strong won’t be our last Lucas Lag ns creation! Many thanks to any or all.