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About NTP Repairs

NTP is your state-of-the-art authorized auto repair, body and paint workshop in  Malaysia. Since 1999, it’s was clear that our strength lies in our dedication and commitment to provide customers with all the resources that are required to ensure their vehicles are in tip-top condition.

With a team of qualified, highly skilled, and hands-on engineers and technicians powered by trend-on engineering techniques and cutting-edge tools and equipment, no auto challenge has proven impossible to fix, no car model too complex to handle. And with that wealth of experience and competence we’re confident we can also help you too.

Our eclectic list of skills in mechanical, electrical, and body works plus a wide range of motor accessories from the best brands mean we are positioned to meet all your auto needs under one roof. And we use our capabilities to your benefit- completing your repairs quickly, as expected, and on budget.

Furthermore, with our edge in auto diagnostics, we can identify within seconds problems and respond accordingly to fix them which has allowed us to find permanent solution to protracted problems that can prevent you from enjoying your investment and getting the most of from your vehicle.

If you’ve got an auto problem that you’ve struggled with and others can’t fix, don’t let it destroy your vehicle and budget in extensive repairs; get in touch today and then heave a sigh of relief

Tools to meet your needs

  • We are holding ISO 9001:2015 certificate and the quality management to upgrade our service which guarantees that you’ll be treated to a first-rate service quality at all times.
  • A 24-hours available tow truck and car carrier so you can relax and fold your arms while we bring your damaged or stranded vehicle to our workshop or your desired destination; it will save you time and stress.
  • A user friendly, ultra-fast Breakdown Mobile Apps called “Tow Connect” so you can easily get help while saving on call centre cost.
  • An impressive range of computerized diagnostic equipment and software packages to accurately identify then apply the right fix to obvious, developing, or hidden faults affecting your car. No hit or miss, just straight to point solution that’ll protect the value of your vehicle and give you peace of mind.
  • State-of-the art workshop and modern accessory shop where your vehicle will be handled and treated to the best possible solutions without the need of you scrambling to multiple locations for solutions or parts
  • Functional and eagle-eyed CCTV at Senawang and Port Dickson workshop for security and safety of your vehicle

NTP in History

  • Incorporated In Year 1999, Registered Under Trade Name Ng TeckPiu Workshop
  • Year 2000: We established our Company’s own Trademark And Logo
  • Year 2002: We converted our Trade Name To NTP Painting & Mudguard Company
  • Year 2005: We established a co-operation with WithKementerianBelia Dan Sukan Malaysia -Contract as Trainer to Training Student
  • Year 2006: We converted Our Trade Name To N.T.P. Automobile SdnBhd
  • Year 2007: We Successful became a PIAM Authorised Workshop
  • Year 2010: Expansion of our business operation To Port Dickson
  • Year 2011: We opened a new workshop at Port Dickson.
  • Year 2015: The Port Dickson Branch successfuly became a PIAM Authorised Workshop
  • Year 2015: We established NTP Auto Assist : 1300-88-3928
  • Year 2017: The Breakdown Mobile Apps “TowConnect” was launced
  • Year 2018: We obtained a E-Perolehan license
  • Year 2019 We obtained ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

260 points through Malaysia

The best type of auto care service provider and workshop is one that provides a team of qualified, certified, and highly skilled engineers; the latest technologies and tools; plus a fully functional state of the art, secured, and convenient working garage under one roof. This is NTP Auto in a nutshell.

  • Perlis  (2)
  • Kedah (15)
  • P. Penang (25)
  • Perak (20)
  • Selangor(40)
  • K.Lumpur (30)
  • N.Sembilan(20)
  • Melaka (15)
  • Johor (20)
  • Pahang (25)
  • Kelantan (5)
  • Terengganu (20)
  • Sarawak (8)
  • Sabah(15)
  • Singapore(10)
  • Thailand(10)

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